why herbst appliance?

Herbst appliance is the superstar of class II malocclusion treatment

is certainly best treatment option in angle class II cases. Hence treatment with this orthodontic appliance is very common in german speaking countries as well as in the U.S.

Compared with other treatment options herbst appliance is the undisputed winner in angle class II treatment.

Best time of treatment with herbst appliance

Herbst appliance treatment can be started in early childhood until adults age. In all of these different ages herbst appliance is successful, but regarding long term stability as treatment success you should treat in the so called post peak age (when growth was at it’s highest level).
But if a patient shows up to late in our office, lets say around 16 years of age, there is still a good chance of having good success.

Medical requirements for starting herbst appliance

Patient should be in permanent dentition after herbst treatment in order to maintain class I occlusion, because occlusion in mixed dentition isn’t stabile enough.

orthodontic indications for herbst appliance treatment

Ten years ago herbst appliance was used for moderately severe class II cases. Nowadays even more severe class II malocclusion cases are treated with this wonderful appliance.

special indications for herbst appliance treatment

With modern herbst appliances you can cover asymmetric or even hyperdivergent, so called skelettal open bites, patients. This therapy works well in those cases.

Advantage and disadvantage of herbst appliance treatment

A big advantage is class II correction. It is almost impossible not to have success with this kind of therapy. Second the speed of this appliance is tremendous. In 7 months you can achieve your objective – stabile class I occlusion. The evidence based situation is also very satisfying. Scientific studies proove the effect of herbst appliance treatment.
A disadvantage would be the costs of a single treatment. Its between 300 and 600 € each. Proklination of lower incisors is often seen in readily assembled herbst appliances.

Is magnetic resonance imaging prior to herbst therapy recommended?