5 advices: if you are about to buy an intraoral scanner


Increase accuracy of your dental models

Before we had an intraoral scanner, we did alginat impressions and produced classic cast models. Those cast models we put into a model scanner in order to get the appropriate stl data. Based on those data informations we designed our herbst appliances and tried to engage them onto patients teeth.
But most of them did not fit properly. First we thought that laser sintering caused those inaccuracies, but when we compared the outcome with data from intraoral scanning we know how the wind blows.


Don´t buy a scanner just for documentation

It is often told by representatives of scanning companies, that intraoral scanning is good to save storage.
In europe for legal reasons it is necessary to keep your patient´s casts in a safe place up to 30 years . If this is a concern a cheap models scan will do it. It saves a lot of money compared with buying an intrascanner.

Mind that in total intraoral scanning doesn’t save time at all

It is simple not true that a intraoral scanner saves time. Scanning alone takes about 10 minutes, but after intraoral scanning postproceccing of your data begins. You have to export it onto your server and to virtually mount them. Finally you have to move the file into your software. Then a bunch of possibilities is now available for you. But you need some human resources and cost intensive software to realize it.

How many employees do I need for my ortho office?
As a sample calculation you can divide the number of treatment units into three. Then you’ll get the number of technicians you will need to postprocess your data.


be aware of getting addicted to this new methode

This absolute accuracy and the never ending possibilities in treatment options is tremendous. We all got addicted from the first moment.


Non comliance treatment options

Especially when you want to give your treatment system a new drive, intraoral scanned data can produce a bunch of non compliance treatment appliances, which leads your business into a more succesful one.
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