Ortho Appliances Aligner planning

  • 3D aligner treatment planning
  • You will receive planned treatment in the form of mailed data (.stl)
  • in order to print dental model in your office if you like
  • if you like to receive printed models please choose printed models
  • after treatment planning we’ll send you an email with the exact amount of treatment steps needed

item# 410


Only treatment planning with Aligner | Durchsichtige Zahnschienen


We provide a full aligner (durchsichtige Zahnschienen) treatment option.

With this product you choose only digital treatment planning.

In this case you upload your intraoral scan and we do the setup for you. In order to make tooth movement possible we design a bunch of small different retention pits on the dental casts surface.

You will receive the different data for all the single treatment steps in order to print it and produce the aligners (durchsichtige Zahnschiene) in your office.

Please if you have specific treatment options for this case, give us the appropriate informations, x-rays, ceph, etc…




Most of our customers choose digital treatment planning and additional printing of all dental cast models as well as vacuum formin of every single aligner.
The aligners come in packs of 3 for one single treatment step.

Nevertheless you can order or reorder one specific treatment step.