Brux aligner

  • Brux aligner
  • removable appliance
  • put mandibular teeth into a edge to edge position
  • this leads to a posterior open bite
  • grinding on posterior teeth is impossible
  • for patients, who grind their teeth during nighttime
  • for nighttime use
  • combination of aligner and herbst appliance


Brux aligner

Bruxisms is a common habit in modern civil society.

Patients are used to grind their teeth heavily during nighttime in specific grinding postions.
Altering these positions gives them a chance to get rid of symptoms like headache, painful muscle tenseness.


We recommend the use of our new innovation the brux aligne appliance during night. Bruxaligner is the clever combination of aligner and herbst appliance. This removable appliance works same as the classic herbst appliance. The mandibula is positioned in edge to edge position of frontal teeth, presenting posterior open bite. Grinding at the former posterior position is no more possible.

Minor tooth rotation could be treated at the same time.