Class II Corrector

  • to correct angle class II on one side or both sides
  • preferable after aligner therapy
  • two bands on the upper first molars
  • TPA transpalatal arch, to prevent molar rotations
  • lower lingual arch, to prevent lower molar tipping
  • hooks on upper 6 and lower 6 for class II elastics
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Treatment with aligners is very common nowadays. Minor crowded teeth can be easily straightened with a removable appliance.

But correction of angle class II malocclusion is not really possible. The class II corrector is the answer to this orthodontic issue.

It comes with two bands for the upper 6 connected with a palatal bar in the upper and a lingual bar in the lower with hooks in order to insert class II elastics for a 24 h periode of time.

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Both sides, Left, Right