Click aligner

  • Click aligner
  • removable appliance
  • for patients, who suffer from TMJ clicking sounds
  • for nighttime use
  • combination of aligner and herbst appliance


Click aligner

One out of 5 patients suffer from symptoms coming from of temporo mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.

Usually patients are used to grind their teeth heavily during nighttime (bruxism), or have a history of long wide mouth opening during removal of wisdom teeth.

TMJ clicking is a result of loosening of TMJ ligaments. Often the joint disc (dicus intercondylaris) is malpositioned to the anteroir in causing a double click issue while opening and again while closing the mouth. Repositioning the mandibula can solve the issue of malpositioning of the condylar disc.

Altering this position gives the patients a chance to get rid of symptoms like headache, painful muscle tenseness.


We recommend the use of our new innovation the click aligne appliance during night. Click aligner is the clever combination of aligner and herbst appliance. This removable appliance works same as the classic herbst appliance. The mandibula is positioned in edge to edge position of frontal teeth, presenting posterior open bite.

Minor tooth rotation could be treated at the same time.