preOP orthognatic final splint

  • prOP orthognatic splint
  • printed within one working day
  • Dental SG (form labs)
  • biocompatible

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We provide preOP orthognathic splint.

If  the splint is preprepared via your software, we are ready to print it within one working day.

Orthognatic planning procedure:

In bimaxillar cases with excess mandiblar prognathy it is useful to do an mid-way advancement of the maxilla first. The first step towards a good result is to loosen the maxilla bones and constrain the loosened maxilla to the  mandibula with an splint inthis mid-way position. Fix the maxilla with cortical plates and continue with the mandible. In this part of the orthognatic procedure you will need the final splint which gives you the final skelettal outcome.


Please decide if you would like to do the sewtup by yourself.
If we should do it mind, that you take the responsibility for the correct preOP settings.



Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm
Please do the pre OP setup for me

No pre OP setup wanted, I supply you with the correct setup adjustments, Yes, please do the preOP setup. I check the correct adjustments before OP

preOP orthognatic intermediate splint

No, i don't like a preOP orthognatic intermediate splint, Yes, with preOP orthognatic intermediate splint