RPE Classic

  • NON compliance treatm­­­­­­­­­­­ent
  • Individually designed
  • appliance is not visible while speaking
  • easy to insert
  • extra thin design
  • co/cr/alloy
  • selectively laser sintered

item #200



Rapid palatal expander

The RPE is used in maxillary hypoplasia cases in young children at an age from 5 to 14. The upper jaw is narrow resulting in uni- or bilaterals crossbite, patients suffer from difficulties in nose breathing.

It comes with a centered hyrax screw. You should turn 1/4 turn twice a day for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, depending from the amount you have to expand.

As a result of expanding the maxilla a gap between the central incisors will appear after some days. When there is enough expansion, stop turning the screw. Due to the gingival ligaments the gap between the central incisors will close again.

By expanding the maxilla the sutures of the maxillary bones are getting loose. This is the perfect time for an additional treatment option regarding class III cases:

Delair face masc

Bukkaly of the upper canines we added small hooks in order to insert elastic rings to mount the face masc.

Clean and rinse the enamel surface, do a 10 second etching.

Tip! In order to distinguish between sealing and tooth we recommend to mix glass ionomeric cement with one drop of blue plaque colouring agent. You will be happy when cleaning the enamel surface after treatment.


Upload only intraoral scans onto our server.