Sleeve maxillary

  • maxillary sleeves come in increasing lenght starting at 24 mm up to 34 mm
  • to insert on the ball joint in the upper
  • co/cr/alloy
  • selectively laser sintered

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What would be the herbst appliance without moving parts. The sleeves in the upper and the rods in the lower arch.

Before inserting a sleeves you should measure the desired lenght.

In our lab we preadjust all herbst appliances  in a perfect “super class I”. Both sides are ready to insert. Don´t mix up the sides. In the beginning to help you distinguish the sides, please remember on the right sleeve you will find a small white dot.

The sleeve consists of the sleeve itself and the bolt connector in the rear. Bukkaly there is a round aperture to engage the bolt. Keep the sleeve perpenticular to the molar and fully engage the bolt connector over the bolt of the upper first molar. Then rotate the sleeve forward. The sleeve is locked.

Then take a rod/fork at the correct lenght, put it into the sleeve and engage it onto the bolt at the lower canine with a winegard plier. Opening the mouth widely does not lead to a disengagement of the rods. If the rods disengage, take another rod with the appropriate lenght.

Check correct “super class I”, wide mouth opening, lateral movements, sharp edges, excess adhesive.

Inform the patient that there will be adaptive difficulties in the first two days. Despite the correct settings the chin appears (for the mothers) to far anterior in the first days.

We recommend an appointment next day, and then regularly all 10 weeks.

Treatment time 7 month.


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