Turn around mechanics


  • NON compliance treatm­­­­­­­­­­­ent
  • it is designed to move teeth even without full arch orthodontics
  • Individually designed
  • appliance is visible while speaking
  • easy to bond / insert
  • extra thin design
  • co/cr/alloy
  • selectively laser sintered

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Rotierte Prämolaren | totally rotated premolars

The turn around mechanics is convenient in turning rotated premolars (rotierte Prämolaren).

You can perform rotations of premolars in total rotation issues even without brackets in the front teeth.




Clean and rinse the enamel surface, do a 10 second etching.

Tip! In order to distinguish between sealing and tooth we recommend to mix glass ionomeric cement with one drop of blue plaque colouring agent. You will be happy when cleaning the enamel surface after treatment.


Upload only intraoral scans onto our server.

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Tooth to rotate

15, 25