Aligner treatment

specific indications for specific patients

Ortho diagnosis for aligner treatment

Careful and precise orthodontic diagnostics is absolutely essential in aligner treatment. As you are used to it in classical ortho, we need clinical examination including asking for the patient’s chief complaint. Further examinations regarding panoramic xray and cephalometrics as well as dental model’s measurements are necessary.

Key aspect in aligner diagnostic is patient’s occlusal position. Neutral position of either maxilla or mandibula allows using aligner therapy. If there is some severe class III or class II malocclusion refrain from aligner therapy. Same in severe crossbite cases.

We recommend OA Aligner therapie:

  • Neutral occlusal position of both jaws
  • Angle class I molar occlusion
  • Light to moderate crowding
  • Normal incisor position
  • no frontal or lateral open bite
  • no impacted teeth

Ortho treatment plan for aligner treatment

If the indication for aligner therapie is made, do an intraoral scan and upload it onto our server.

In your full diagnostic findings you can evaluate treatment,

We need answers to following questions:

  • Do you extract teeth?
  • Do you prefer stripping instead of extracting teeth
  • Are there specific requirements for your aligner treatment

If you send us a file without any treatment specifications we assess the case by ourself and give recommendations for either extracting or stripping teeth. It is a matter of course that the orthodontist is responsible for the treatment outcome.

Indications for NOT aligner treatments

  • open bites
  • severe sceletal malocclusions
  • difficult teeth movements
  • lack of alveolar bone
  • Ankylosis
  • Parodontitis

Combination therapies with aligner treatment

You can combine angle class II malocclusion with aligner therapie. How is that possible?

  • How you see above you can fix a class II malocclusion into a class I with a herbst appliance and then straighten teeth with removable aligners.

Aligner appointment management

One Aligner treatment step consists of:

Upper jaw:

  • 2 weeks OA Aligner 0.75 mm
  • 2 weeks OA Aligner 1.0 mm
  • 2 weeks OA Aligner 1.0 mm

Same number of aligners in the lower jaw if required.

One treatment step ( 3 Aligners ) is put into one package which is labeled as seen above.

When doing a full treatment planning, at the beginning we design a #I treatment series first. The patient runs through this therapy. Then a clinical ortho asessment is carried out. If patient requires further orthodontic treatment a second intraoral scan is to perform.
By the way: the planning of a #2 and a #3 treatment series is included in the “full treatment planning“.

Retention after aligner treatment

  • place lingual bonded retainer
  • take the last aligner as retention
  • use both lingual retainer and removable retainer (How to do?)